How to Deal with Emergency Water Leaks

Having one of your water pipes leak in the middle of the night is probably one of the most problematic scenarios you can find yourself in. However, there are times when these circumstances can’t be avoided.


While there are so many plumbing companies that offer emergency leak repairs, you can’t expect these professionals to turn up at your doorstep the exact instant you call them, do you? You have to at least give them time to prepare and travel to get to you. Until they arrive at your home, what do you do? You can’t just sit down and wait for the water to flood your home and damage it in the process.

Water Leaks

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to get the situation under control while you wait for the professionals to fix the problem.


First and foremost, turn off your water’s main valve so as to prevent the leak from worsening. Take note that even though you turn your main valve off, the pipes might still have some water running in them. You’re just temporarily cutting off the source to control the water flow.


To avoid accidents related to overheating, it would be a lot safer if you would also turn off your water heater system.


Try to locate the leak source in order to make a temporary fix. If the leak isn’t located in a visible spot such as under the kitchen sink, try to find the leak by listening through your walls. Sometimes, the leak could be found within your walls and unfortunately, this would mean you need to break down this wall to get to the leak. If it’s just drywall, you can probably do this yourself while waiting for the pros.


Once you found the leak, try to patch the hole using epoxy glue, or even just a duct tape to contain the water. Use buckets for the dripping water so your home won’t suffer major water damage.