Signs of Plumbing Problems

Problems in the plumbing system in your home can result in even bigger, more stressful problems if not fixed the soonest possible time.


A leaky or broken pipe can make your water bill skyrocket in no time and can even invite mold growth in within your walls. Molds can be destructive, and can also make you and your family sick.


As a homeowner, it’s very important to keep an open eye and be watchful on any sign of plumbing problem you might come across.


There are some telltale signs of concealed plumbing problems. If you happen to experience any of these, call your trusted plumbing repair company immediately:


  1. Dripping sound when all the faucets are turned off. If you can hear a dripping sound but you’re unable to identify where the sound is coming from, there’s a chance that you can hear your pipes inside the walls leaking.
  2. Unpleasant odor like the smell of rotten eggs coming from the drain. This unpleasant smell can be a sign of a clogged vent or pipe. It’s important to have this cleared up by a professional soon.
  3. Low water pressure. Having a consistently low water pressure can also be a warning sign of a leak in the pipes. It can be a sign of a clogged pipe as well.
  4. Slow-draining water in the sink, drains, or tub. Water should flow freely and drained fast if your plumbing is working perfectly. Slow-draining water can be an indication of blocked pipes that need to be cleared.
  5. Hearing water continuously running in your toilet. If you haven’t just flushed your toilet but you still hear water flowing, it could be a sign of a pipe leaking.
  6. Stained walls or ceiling. Brown watermark stains on your walls or ceiling is not a good sign. It’s your home trying to tell you that water from your pipes has already made its way into your ceiling or walls.