What to Expect During Plumbing Inspection

Professional plumbing inspections are an important part of maintaining your home. But plumbing inspections aren’t just beneficial for homes you’ve been residing in for decades, if you’re planning to relocate to another property, hiring a professional plumbing company becomes more of a necessity.


Moving into a house with leaking pipes and blocked drains is the last thing you want. What appears to be minor leaks can result in bigger problems if not fixed soon enough. These leaks can lead to flooding inside your home as well as troublesome water damage to your walls and floors.

Plumbing Inspection

Water and moisture can invite mold growth within your household. Mold can spread quickly and may trigger allergic reactions and other respiratory issues.


Once you’ve booked for a professional plumbing inspection, there are some things you can look forward to. These are the responsibilities of plumbing experts that they need to carry out in order to do their job more effectively.


  1. The plumbers would check every part of your home where water runs or where water is being used. That means the kitchen sink, under the sink, the toilet, the tub, the shower, the shower drain, every faucet inside and outside your home, and every water pipe.


  1. The plumbers would conduct an in-depth checking of the condition of the drains in your home. Many plumbing companies use cameras to see if there’s any buildup in the drains that need immediate unclogging.


  1. The condition of the pipes in the interior and exterior part of your home will also be checked by the professionals. They might recommend replacement of any vulnerable pipes. It’s also common for many plumbers to recommend having exterior pipes insulated to protect them from being damaged during winter.


  1. After everything that needs to be fixed is straightened out, the plumbing company would let you know when the schedule for your next routine plumbing inspection should be.

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